Renaissance Event Management (P) Ltd



Sanjay – Vision Time (P) Ltd

Vision time always works with the best in Market- we work ONLY with Renaissance for all our events. They have a dedicated workforce, Commitment, Creativity at its best and give us the most competitive rates. We have done many many shows together right from the days when only flex backdrops were bring used – Being one of the pioneers, Renaissance started giving us very creative set designs which we used for our shows .. They made every stage look extremely unique and magnificent. The splendor of their work is incomparable and every single effort is a masterpiece. We are proud to work with Renaissance for our events and this successful collaboration will continue for years to come.

John Frank- GTS Operations, Royal Bank of Scotland ClubACE Committee 2010

What I expected to be delivered was given as an outstanding service. I can see loads of smiles and energy from all our committee members until the end of the show. I am pleased to thank your team who worked so hard to bring out what was expected and much more.. not to forget the vibrant stage set, lighting effects and bravo performances.

Sandeep Saran- Head of GTS Operations and MT SPOC for ClubACE 2010, Royal Bank of Scotland

Very much enjoying this great event!! Kudos!

Gopal Singaraju- COO of Royal Bank of Scotland Business Services (P) Ltd

Very well organized and managed the entire show neatly. Good job! .

Dinesh Sachidanandam – Project Manager - FIS Global Champion- Fungama

We would like to thank you for all the support and efforts put in y Renaissance to make our Fungama 2010 and 2011 event a grand success. You guys did a spectacular job and we are highly pleased with the service provided. Keep up the great work!

Punitha Anthony – HR, Infosys

Thanks a bunch for co-ordinating this entire event for us. It was well appreciated and enjoyed by all who came to the event. Thanks once again for accommodating all our requests and ensuring there is flawless execution on the D Day!

Sunil Kumar President - Clubace Chennai (Royal Bank of Scotland)

We (at RBS) have worked with Renaissance on various occasions in the last 2 years, they have become our most preferred vendor for the annual corporate cultural show. Renaissance has also hosted staff parties and business events for us.
Renaissance has very experienced event managers, they are very professional in their approach towards all events, big and small. I have seen Renaissance manage huge events with 5000+ people with ease.
The creative team at Renaissance always surprise us with the quality ofevents and innovative ideas.
Our biggest comfort factor with Renaissance is that they take complete ownership of the event, its not like a vendor/client relationship, theRenaissance team works with our people like one team.

Vaishnavi- Union President 2011-12 MOP Vaishnav College for Women

The name of the company is renaissance. To start with they are a very successful company and have a well established background. The company sowed the seeds for success in the year 1999.
For any event management company to be successful they must have an eye for timing. In this regard this company stands out from the crowd with their outstanding eye for the clock and this helps in carrying out all functions on time.
The company also ensures that most of the designs during the event are as colorful and vibrant as possible and this almost brings out a festival like atmosphere during the event which also adds a great deal to the event.
In the ever growing competitive world time is money, and the company goes the extra mile goes to ensure the cost is kept as low as possible. Cheap and best are two words that cannot be used in the same breath but “renaissance” does try and ensure that it provides the best of both the worlds.
As can be noted from the above article there are various reasons that can be attributed to the success of the company. These factors also ensure that after the curtains are drawn at the event once is left with a sense of satisfaction and content.
Even the best are not perfect and there is scope for improvement in almost any field. Although this company is one of the best in its field it also welcomes various suggestions that are put forward so as to ensure that the event is conducted on par with excellence.