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Corporate Celebrities

Corporate Celebrities is our annual production event that spans across the entire working class of people in Chennai. This is a corporate world talent hunt that will be involving artists / performers and talents from all top organizations, to pick celebrities for a better tomorrow. Corporate Celebrities is the perfect gateway for your company to encourage authentic talent amongst your employees and motivate them to reach greater heights to pursue their additional aspirations and dreams.

After school and college cultural days, talented artists don’t find their way through more occasions as their opportunities to participate become stagnant. The main objective of the event is to give a platform for highly talented singers, entertainers and dancers who hide their skillsets behind computer screens, conference rooms and brainstorming discussions in this demanding corporate world. They breathe in loads of work and breathe out extreme stress. This event will be a stress-buster for them, to get back to their teams for exciting practice sessions and good-old competition days. The finals for dance and music (solo and group) will be a live show and will not be telecasted in any TV Channel.

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