Renaissance Event Management (P) Ltd


Event Management

Designing and producing an event - be it meeting, corporate event, fund-raising gala, conference, convention , incentive or other special event- has been compared to directing a movie but is actually more like a live stage production. It has a high-wire act without the safety nets. Once your event starts there are no second chances. It's done in one take and there are no dress rehearsals. You can't yell "cut" and reshoot the scene. You are simply not able to predict the outcome- as you can from a movie script- of how your guests and suppliers will interact and react.

Renaissance can plan, prepare and be prepared for the unexpected. We have highly experienced and skilled workforce with immense knowledge about the industry. We are experts in creating something that may be a lifetime memory for your audience. Any event, whether its for 50 or more than a few 1000s, is planned to the minutest of details to ensure a great accomplishment.

We look forward to a long-term association with you.